Don't take our word for it, listen to what our clients have to say.

Moorfoot and Farington Landscapers

Adroit go beyond the call of what I would consider normal. This is due to the trust that we have that they won’t stop till they have the best deal for us. Whatever we need, they facilitate what we need. We wouldn’t go anywhere else because their service is unbelievable. They are really prompt and there is just no hassle. I don’t have to do the running around. It is just easy and no fuss. We are really, really happy!

Dale Moorfoot
Owner - Moorfoot & Farrington Pty Ltd

Ride Stylz

We have a very unique style of business and Adroit left no stone unturned. It was a massive relief as we needed everything insured (cars, stock, business) and I had no idea where to start. I was worried that I could be misled but Adroit adapted to what I needed. Although you don’t know how good someone is till your ‘building burns down’ all I can say is that they make it all easier for us and we feel very secure.

Paul Tyler
Owner - Ride Stylz

Andrew Oliver

After doing such a good job with my business it was very easy to go with Adroit with my personal needs. Joe and Steve are very approachable and work extremely well together. Not only are they very efficient but being from a service orientated industry they over deliver to my needs.

Andrew Oliver
Home Owner

Austeng Geelong

Not only do Adroit act as our advocate and expert on behalf of us they have ensured we have a breadth of insurance and an understanding of how to leverage our insurance to maximize our benefit. Their vast knowledge over all our policies constantly surprise us as to where we can cover and the terms of contracts we employ.

Lyn George
Manager - Austeng Geelong

Sovereign Hill

Adroit places a massive emphasis on personal relationships. To be frank anyone can be an insurance broker in the good times. It is when you have a problem where you sort out the good from the bad. With Adroit we are far more alert to the risks to our business of which there are many. We have moving machinery, horses, many visitors and to have an expert who can provide a valuation of our insurance base, make sure we have our assets and risk covered, ensure good claims management and most importantly their follow up provides us with enormous peace of mind.

Jeremy Johnson
CEO - Sovereign Hill

Craig's Royal Hotel

We are in the hotel business and not all brokers get what we are about. It is not about ‘ticking the boxes’. Adroit are attentive, competitive, local to me and they get the job done in a competent, efficient way. They have fulfilled my expectations and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

John Finning
Publican - Craig's Royal Hotel

Jeff Sykes

In my business there is an expectation that you are dealing with quality people. Adroit is no exception. We get excellent personal service and I cannot over emphasise the importance of dealing with a person face to face and getting great advice direct from the ‘horses mouth’ so to speak.

Jeff Sykes

Davidsons Accountants and Business Consultants

We have dealt with Adroit for over 10 years now and it is a massive relief to know there is a claims department that are so active and who will go the extra mile for us. Adroit provides advice on the cover. It is not just about price. Their advice is structured as they go to the market and highlight the devil in the detail. Insurers are not easy to deal with yet Adroit has leverage and there is always someone there to take on the challenge!

Peter Rankin

Ryan Mackay

I initially went to a big multinational bank who said they would get back to me. I kept hassling for up to 6 months and nothing. Patrick from Adroit really went to lengths to know what my wife & I wanted. There were no grey areas. Every question was answered in terms that I could understand. The service is really personal. It is face to face with a lot of follow up calls. Everything is laid on the table and we have the reassurance that the right deal has been struck for us!

Ryan Mackay