• Michael Myers

    Michael Myers

    Branch Manager
    M: 0402 130 655
    P: 02 6041 9017

    Even though I’ve worked in the industry for 25 years I still marvel at what surrounds us where we live. The river, the hills, the space, the nearby mountains. Whilst I would like to meet luminaries such as Edmund Hilary, Alexander the Great & Gary Ablett Snr, my ultimate hero is my daughter Jade. As well as being a working mum of two young boys, she does volunteer work for various charities and runs a monthly market which supports local home businesses.

  • John Gray

    John Gray

    Account Manager
    M: 0417 865 866
    P: 02 6041 9007

    I am a born and raised country boy from Wodonga and one thing that no one may know is that I am a Neat Freak and like everything to be organised and tidy

  • Michael Salter

    Michael Salter

    Account Manager
    M: 0437 475 728
    P: 02 6041 9024

    My sporting team is the Saints and the song that best describes me is the Monty Python classic “Always look on the bright side of life”

  • Ian Robertson

    Ian Robertson

    Account Manager
    M: 0488 522 626
    P: 02 6041 9022

    With my love of North Albury and Liverpool Football Clubs the three people I would invite over for dinner are Craig Johnston, Winston Churchill and Shaun Micallef. My heroes are all the unsung volunteers in our community, a town that boasts a diverse range of activities, festivals and sporting options

  • Luke Pectovich

    Luke Pecotich

    Account Manager
    M: 0427 568 860
    P: 02 6041 9005

    I value and appreciate life so I would love to meet Edmund Hilary and understand what it was like to achieve the accomplishment of the climb

  • Tricia Eyers

    Account Manager
    M: 0437 546 364
    P: 02 6041 9013

    Wodonga is where my family and I call home. At work, client service is my number one priority.  I am loyal, dedicated and in it for the long run. If I don’t know the answer to your question, I will find out. My local heroes are the people who contribute to make our community interesting, bringing experiences and opportunity to us that we would not otherwise have had.

  • Ian Kay

    Account Manager
    M: 0477 222 774
    P: 02 6041 9006